Oct 6, 2012

Clarity & business

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The real winners in business are going to be the clear companies.
Clarity is what everybody really wants and appreciates.

"In a world awash in information and choices, clarity is now a source of competitive advantage." -- Jason Fried
   - co-founder of the American software firm 37 Signals
   - co-author of ReWork: Change the WayYou Work Forever

these words where copied from the Flip Manifesto (click to download)
chapter 13. "For Godsakes, talk like a human"
being. (P:70-74)

Oct 5, 2012

Don’t forget to under-promise and then over-deliver

    Maintaining accuracy in hitting your deadlines is key to a healthy client relationship. Think of the last time you purchased a product online. You wanted to know when to expect delivery, didn’t you? Design clients are no different when it comes to revisions. They depend on you delivering when you say you will. So when you’re unsure how long a task will take to complete, always give the client an estimate that is longer than the amount of time you’re guessing it will take. Why? Because unexpected setbacks can crop up at any time. Think of the computer you work on each day, the Adobe software you use on a regular basis, the Internet connection you pay for, the electricity that powers your office, and your good health.

   All of these necessities are by no means guaranteed, and it almost goes without saying you’ll have a computer problem at one time or another that will affect your productivity. Even if your equipment stays up and running, a human being can let you down. That’s because even the most independent designer relies on others to get the job done.

   When I was hired by Norwegian company Komplett Fitness in 2008, I knew I’d be moving home to Northern Ireland from Scotland one month into our working relationship. By letting my client know about the move at the start of the project, I was able to explain why the design process would take longer than normal. Think of what’s involved when relocating: the installation of a new telephone line and the set-up of an Internet connection, as well as the time and stress involved in packing and unpacking all of my worldly belongings.

   Because my client was aware of the extended time frame, he was happy to accommodate my personal needs. So factor the worst into your delivery time frame, and then impress your client by delivering ahead of schedule when things go smoothly.

source: Logo Design Love [the book], P:134-136

Oct 4, 2012

WORK .. another point of view

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     I think that these 2 videos gave me explanations to lots of question marks in my head & also made me look differently to usual working systems and strategies.

     1st video adapted from Dan Pink's talk at the RSA, illustrates the hidden truths behind what really motivates us at home and in the workplace.

RSA Animate - Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us
you might want to check his TED talk also or check (Drive) summary.

     2nd video is
Why Work Does not Happen at Work: Jason Fried at TEDxMidwest

you may also want to check his book [ReWork: Change the Way You Work Forever].

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